WIP Cocktail Club #2: Funfetti choctini

We would love to share a recipe that features Candyfetti and alcohol….what could be better?  Thanks @thecanesmith from Women in Progress for sharing this on Instagram!!!  We love the UK <3

Funfetti choctini

Continuing last month’s theme of making cocktails with stuff I have lying about the place, for May’s cocktail club I’ve raided the kids’ drinks for some chocolate milk, mixed it with alcohol and made it look pretty with sprinkles (or whatever you call them: funfetti or nonpareils, or if you’re feeling particularly Brexit, hundreds and thousands). This cocktail is easy, cute and alcoholic – I’ve been called worse.

Whilst I love the look of the sprinkles, I did also use some Candyfetti which I had leftover from my daughter’s birthday party. Candyfetti is a range of themed sweets/sprinkles which taste good (if e-number loaded) as well as being completely gorgeous. Well worth checking out (unfortunately they don’t ship to the UK directly, I got mine via a friend based in the States).


Makes one cocktail

25ml Kahlua (you could swap this for Baileys or anything of that ilk)
125ml chocolate milk (chilled)
Sprinkles / Candyfetti
Small amount of honey or golden syrup (to rim the glass)

Using a pastry brush smear a small amount of honey or golden syrup around the edge of the glass. Pour your sprinkles onto a plate, and roll the edge of your glass into them until it looks pretty.

In a jug, combine the other ingredients – you can chill this in the fridge until you’re ready to serve or just get on with it and pour into the prepared glass. Sprinkle a bit more funfetti on the top if you fancy and ta dah!

Ideal for birthday parties!*

*Grown-ups birthdays of course – although without the booze this would be cute for kids’ parties I suppose

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